Update on the New FAA Flight Path Issues

Image  courtesy of Save Our Skies Santa Cruz

Image courtesy of Save Our Skies Santa Cruz

A second meeting with the FAA was recently hosted by Congress members Farr and Eshoo with local technical experts assembled by the Save Our Skies Coalition, and residents from Santa Cruz Mountains, Portola Valley and Palo Alto.  The Save Our Skies experts studied the flight paths and developed an analysis both of the dangers of the current flight paths and solutions to alleviate the incessant jet noise. Their analysis included study of flight operations, compliance with FAA guidelines, an analysis of fuel savings, and a study of the impacts associated with the route changes which began in March.

Our elected congressional representatives and their respective staff members are seeking a broad regional solution to mitigate the impacts, solutions that will work for all of the affected areas, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

The extensive analysis presented by the Save Our Skies local technical team clearly defined the problematic safety issues and also proposed feasible solutions to the FAA.  The FAA now has aviation experts in Seattle who are continuing to review the data. I am hopeful that they will respond to this new information quickly and favorably.  If you are interested in receiving a regular update from my office, please email me at bruce.mcpherson@santacruzcounty.us.