Please Support Measure D


Please Support Measure D

Our roads are a mess – and we desperately need funds to fix them. The per gallon gasoline tax has been flat for more than 20  years and is not adjusted for inflation. And, as vehicles are getting more efficient, which is a good thing, this means drivers pay less for road maintenance. As a result, gas tax revenue has decreased 50 percent in the last three years alone.

The Transportation Improvement Plan (Measure D) – which will be before Santa Cruz County voters on the November presidential ballot – provides an inclusive, balanced package of projects to improve, operate and maintain Santa Cruz County’s transportation network.

The ½ cent, 30-year sales tax measure includes transportation projects that support:

  • Providing safer routes to schools for local students;
  • Maintaining mobility and independence for seniors and those with disabilities;
  • Investing in bicycle and pedestrian pathways and bridges;
  • Repaving roadways, repair potholes, and improve safety on local streets;
  • Improving traffic flow on major roadways;
  • Investing in projects that reduce the pollution that causes global warming.

Please join me in supporting Measure D.