Water District Merger Moves Forward

SLV Water White Lettering LogoSan Lorenzo Valley Water District has resolved to move forward to merge with the Lompico Water District, a commitment which is not only good government, a good neighbor policy and a critical step in the eventual solution of Lompico’s water problems.

The SLV Water District voted 5-0  last Thursday night recommit to merge upon successful formation of a $2.75 million assessment district by the current Lompico Water District customers.

I’m absolutely elated. I want to credit the two water districts for sticking with this to solve a critical issue. I can’t say enough for each of the boards for coming up with this proposal.

An application was submitted last year to LAFCO by the water districts which requires Lompico Water to make improvements to their water system prior to the merger. Lompico Water District conducted a vote to sell bonds to fund those capital improvements. That election fell short of the needed 2/3 approval by one vote, and subsequently failed.

Since then, the water districts and County officials have worked to find a different, acceptable funding mechanism for the $2.75 million, which is required as a component of the still pending LAFCO application.

The answer appears to have Lompico form an assessment district to pay for capital projects identified in the LAFCO application. Current plans call for a ten-year assessment to be placed on the County tax roll for the ‘Lompico Assessment District’.

The proposed district will include all properties that will directly benefit from the improvements that will be built. A public hearing will be held to give Lompico property owners the opportunity to protest the formation of an Assessment District. It would take a negative vote of more than 50 percent to prevent the formation. If successful in forming the assessment district, the merger could be completed as early as February of 2016.