San Lorenzo Valley – Highway 9 and Downtown Area Improvements

During the many town hall and constituent meetings over the past two years facilitated by my office, dozens of improvement projects have been envisioned by the community. I am pleased that many of them became a reality this past year thanks to Caltrans and the County Public Works Department.

  • New large reflective street signs were installed by the County all along Highway 9.
  • In Boulder Creek, Caltrans re-striped all of the crosswalks and painted a new crosswalk to the downtown Metro bus stop. Caltrans also replaced all of the pedestrian alert signs and installed “no parking” signs at key corners to increase visibility for both drivers and pedestrians. The County assisted in identifying 15 additional parking spaces for downtown businesses with directional signage and installed “no overnight parking” signs in one problem area to significantly improve public safety. Boulder Creek also got new garbage can lids in the downtown area, courtesy of the County.
  • The County funded the staff time to design the replacement street lights for downtown Felton and Boulder Creek and negotiated the installations with PG&E. The new lights in Felton have been installed and Boulder Creek will receive new lights sometime next year.

In the coming year my office will work with the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (SCCRTC), County Public Works, and community members to identify potential Highway 9 transportation improvement projects to propose for State grant funding. The SCCRTC has already agreed to coordinate a grant proposal to fund the development of a Master Transportation Plan for the entire San Lorenzo Valley -Highway 9 corridor. Such a plan would make project proposals for State grant funding much more competitive and likely to receive support.

I want to thank all of you for your dedication to see these projects come to fruition.