Kids Draw for Healthy Air

Art Contest

San Lorenzo Valley children are getting the chance to be creative while helping bring awareness to the San Lorenzo Valley air quality issues created largely by wood burning smoke heating during the winter.

The Valley Women’s Club, together with the Monterey Bay Air Resources District, is sponsoring their Second Annual “art contest” for all children in San Lorenzo Valley.

The San Lorenzo Valley School District is facilitating the contest (which may be used as part of a new “Green” curriculum) and has recently distributed flyers with the details of the contest to students at the elementary, middle and high school.

The smoke levels in SLV are a serious health issue that we all need to work together to address. SLV residents who have other means of heat are strongly encouraged to use those sources before using a wood stove. When “Spare the Air” alerts occur this winter, citizens can be notified by email.  Please sign-up to receive messages here: When these days occur, air quality is expected to be especially unhealthful and wood burning stoves should only be used sparingly.  Residents are encouraged to use natural gas, propane, electric, or pellet stove heating options on “Spare the Air” days.

Winners of the art contest will be announced at the SLV School District Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 19, at 6:00 p.m. I encourage you to come see the submissions.