HERO Program

HERO, a new program to assist property owners, will officially launch on November 17. The Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Program offers financing to install energy efficiency measures, renewable energy systems, water conservation fixtures and EPA-rated low-polluting wood burning stoves. The loans to property owners are paid back over a period of time through property tax bills.

One of the best ways to guarantee energy supply, save money and protect the environment is by conserving energy through improving the efficiency of older buildings. The HERO Program provides a “no-money-down” approach to financing improvements and access to financing that might not be available through traditional means such as equity loans.

Eligible property improvements include more than 250,000 products that can be installed in your home or commercial building. These include new heating and air-conditioning units, cool roofs, tank less water heaters, windows and doors, insulation, photo-voltaic systems, low flush toilets, and much, much more.

All of the products are listed on the HERO website where a property owner can also perform their own energy audit online and choose from the list of products that the program will finance.

The HERO Program is good for the local economy.  It creates and maintains construction-related jobs and is not taxpayer supported, but self-supporting through loan repayment. The environment will benefit by improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.