Fifth District Moving Forward

Each community within the San Lorenzo Valley is a unique.  Each with its own hopes and aspirations, and each with their own history.  I community has a “Town Plan” and I thought that we could revisit and renew the most important elements of those town plans with citizen involvement, leadership and input.  With community leaders, we organized and hosted town meetings in Felton, Ben Lomond (including Brookdale) and Boulder Creek.

I wanted to give you an update on the goals and accomplishments of each of the community advocacy groups formed during our town plan discussions.  The business associations, chambers of commerce, and law enforcement have all been very active in supporting these groups.

I am very excited about the turnout and motivation shown by San Lorenzo Valley residents.  Residents of Felton have already held a number of town clean-ups, and Ben Lomond residents are working toward regaining access to the river at the Ben Lomond River Park.

In addition to these wonderful advocacy groups coordinated by community volunteers, two valley-wide issue groups are being organized through my office to discuss San Lorenzo Valley Tourism, Branding and Marketing and the San Lorenzo Valley Highway 9 Corridor.  I would like to stay in close contact with all group coordinators and offer the assistance of my office whenever possible to move discussions forward.  If you are interested in serving on one of the valley-wide groups, please contact my office and let me know right away.  These committees are already at work, and they are making progress!