Community Choice Aggregation Survives Poison Bill

logoThe Monterey Bay CCA project is the largest in the State and the only regional partnership that includes multiple counties (Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito) and all 18 cities within those counties. CCA allows counties and cities to purchase and/or generate electricity in collaboration with the current investor-owned utility, offering many potential environmental and economic benefits. The Monterey Bay CCA partnership has raised over $400,000 to conduct an investigative technical study which will determine whether or not CCA is right for our region.  Assembly Bill 2145 introduced this year would have seriously compromised our region’s ability to move forward, so I am thrilled to report that AB 2145 failed last Saturday evening as the State Senate officially closed their legislative session without approving the bill. Santa Cruz County will be the lead in conducting the CCA study on behalf of the Monterey Bay CCA partnership.