Walkway and Drainage Improvements near Boulder Creek Elementary School


In Boulder Creek, construction is underway for a curb, gutter, sidewalk, retaining wall, and drainage improvements near Boulder Creek Elementary School. A 300-foot retaining wall four feet high is being built directly along the school frontage on Laurel Street between Lomond Street and Harmon Street.  In addition, a short walkway on the east side of Laurel Street at the intersection of Lomond Street is being built in order to provide a connection to an existing railroad tie and gravel staircase that was constructed by volunteers.  A walkway is also being constructed on Harmon Street from Laurel Street to Oak Street.  The improvements are funded with a grant from the Federal Safe Routes to School program.

A construction bid came in earlier this summer higher than expected, which meant the work was likely to be delayed another school year.  Public Works staff scrambled to fill the gap in funding so that the project could still get underway this summer, although that meant construction was not finished by the start of the school year, as planned. However, I am very pleased that this long awaited project is underway and very appreciative of the effort by Public Works.