Behold and Re-Roof our Famous and Revered Covered Bridge

Pioneer families search for roof shake timber

We will re-roof One Shake at a Time


Felton and the whole of San Lorenzo Valley can celebrate as our good neighbors have lent their efforts towards a massive renewal of the Felton Covered Bridge. Good citizens all pledged to re-roof our iconic and soundly loved conveyance –

This good bridge, our savior and homecoming since originally built in 1892 has served us ever since. No longer a forging of the river needed, no longer hours and days spent sidelining along the river for a safe passage, the Covered Bridge turned graceful and old, but no less valued and now it becomes revered by all of this Nation, as it is now known as America’s tallest Covered Bridge – and one of only 11 such in this great State of California.


Citizens, protest no more! Talk from distant officials about abandoning the Bridge, or letting it rot into history are past! The good citizens of Felton, with the esteemed late Bill Burton, have shouldered the responsibility of maintaining our water flight across the San Lorenzo – thence citizens alone and in league with one another championed the Bridge which brought safety to all – and now our government has organized a team of Bridge admirers, government do-gooders and redwood men from the Mountains of Santa Cruz County to Save the Bridge.

A time to celebrate our history and heritage – A time to get a new roof for our Bridge.

Our esteemed Fifth District County Supervisor Bruce McPherson, whose family roots are a deep and wide in the Santa Cruz Mountains as a cathedral grove of redwoods, said of the Covered Bridge, “Horses and wagons, and all the voters and children of the Valley can be proud of this Bridge. It’s made from our redwood – nothing, no – nothing can touch our redwood for strength and enduring qualities, Huzza, huzza!”

McPherson joined with the venerable pioneer Lud McCrary and his beautiful wife Barbara of the famed Big Creek Lumber, and brothers Steve & Howard Liebenberg, whose family name is renowned in the achives of San Lorenzo Valley history of all things timber, in search of old redwood for the 9,000 needed new hand-split, redwood shingles to adorn the weather ravaged, daylightable roof.

That’s right, folks. Up to 9,000 shingles are needed.

McCrary and other knowledgeable craftsmen will hand-split shingles for our Bridge. They will search the mountains, hill and dale, in pursuit of fallen timber that can be made into Shakes for the Bridge. Huzza, huzza!

“This will be the best, most authentic roofing possible,” said Judy Anderson, who would be Mayor of Felton if Felton had a Mayor. “This Bridge served Felton and the Valley for 45 years — bypassed by progress in 1938 in fact — faithfully and we can only faithfully provide added live to it for at least another 45 years,” she said.

And other costs will be served by a large and hugely needed California gift from the taxpayers of the State given to the County to provide for the future of our Bridge. An abundance of agencies and other supporting big-shots are responsible for the financial help, including Cal-Trans, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and the National Register and many others who see and believe in our Bridge Preservation and that of those it had served as well.

Orators from throughout the region have filled the air with gratitude. Children have thanked their lucky stars, and citizens stand in amazement at the prospect that this Bridge, this part of San Lorenzo, this anchor of Felton will be a part of our lives and the life this this grand community for as long as we can see the horizon. Huzza, huzza I say!

Flags will wave, music will fill the air and all the space between limbs of trees. Horses will prance, and firehouse pancakes will be consumed (along with the usual and necessary adult beverages).

All who have seen how well we were all served by Bridge will celebrate and revere in its beauty, past and future. And we owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have dedicated their time and talents to our glorious future.

Join us, one and all. One Shake at a Time.
Re-roof our Historic, National Treasure
The Felton Covered Bridge