13-member Cannabis Cultivation Choices Committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

cannabis-303914_640A 13-member Cannabis Cultivation Choices Committee, also known as C4, has been appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The C4 group is charged with trying to shape a new marijuana cultivation law for the Board of Supervisors to review by December. The committee includes marijuana industry leaders, a former County attorney, a fromer County planning director and community members. The Fifth District appointee is Eric Hammer of Boulder Creek.

This most recent effort to draft a cultivation ordinance follows a successful petition drive to repeal the ordinance the Board of Supervisors approved in March. Leaders of a ballot initiative collected more than enough signatures to repeal the ordinance. Rather than go to a costly election, we have chosen to craft a new law instead with the help of C4.

The previous ordinance is in effect. That ordinance limits cultivation to 100 square feet per parcel for personal use and 99 plants for commercial grows associated with a local dispensary.